If you weren’t easily coerced from the claim above, good for you! You are our kind of people! Loami Nails believes in company transparency, and we will never make claims we can’t back up! Learn more about the science behind our claim!

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Press on confidence, ditch eco-guilt

We know it can be hard to hold firm in your environmental and social values, especially when it's difficult to find sustainable and ethical alternatives to many beauty and personal care items. It's easy to sacrifice the inessentials and in-turn sacrifice the things that give that extra boost of confidence.

We believe that self care is vital to living a life of balance and happiness, and companies not meeting your standards shouldn’t get between you and your best self. Loami Nail’s Press-on Manicure Kits include all the items you need for an in-home manicure, whether you are looking for quick and easy or indulging in some self-care. We’ve thoughtfully designed the most environmentally and ethically conscious press-on manicure kit currently on the market, so that you can press on confidence and ditch eco-guilt!

  • Head Over Heels

    "I am head over heels in love with these nails and how amazing for the environment they are!"

    - Emily E

  • Holding Up

    "My nails are holding up so well with all of my gardening and pottery classes!"

    - Brea B

  • Absolutely Love

    "I absolutely love the French tipped set, the shape and style are perfect for myself!"

    - Michael L