Do Loami Nails have the same durability as other press-on nails?

Heck yeah! Our nails are the same material as other press-on nails (ABS plastic). The difference is Loami Nails are created to biodegrade after disposal by working directly with naturally occurring microorganisms that live in landfill environments. This ensures that you get the same durability you'd expect out of any great manicure, minus the eco-guilt! 

How does the nail multi-tool work?

This nifty tool works as a nail file, nail buffer, and cuticle pusher. It is made from quartz making it long-lasting and perfect for reuse!

How does the compressed prep wipe work?

Simply place in hand and add about a tablespoon of water from your faucet. Instantly you will see the wipe expand into a moist towelette that works perfectly for removing dust and grime from your nail beds without any chemicals! 

Can Loami Nails be reshaped?

Yes! Whether you choose to take off length with a nail clipper or to simply file down, Loami Nails can be reshaped however you wish!

Can Loami Nails be reused?

You betcha! Because Loami Nails are as durable as other artificial nails, they can be reused as much as you see fit! We love when our customers extend the life of our nails, but remember there's no need to feel eco-guilt if wearing a repeat look just isn’t your style. 

How do I apply Loami Nails?

Loami Nails are applied like many other press-on manicures.

For more details, check out our wonderful tutorial video here!

P.S. Each kit also comes with detailed instructions for your reference.

How do I remove Loami Nails?

We recommend soaking your finger tips in warm water for 10 minutes. If you’re in need of a little self-care, add a few drops of your favorite oil to the water while you soak!  

After the glue has softened, gently pull up on the side of your nail until the full nail has popped off. Just as in life, be gentle and never force something that isn’t ready.

How do I dispose of Loami Nails?

We’ve done all the leg work of designing our nails for sustainable disposal. All you have to do is simply throw your nails in the trash after use and ditch your eco-guilt!

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