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  • Close up of hand wearing Loami Nails design French Remix. This design is an almond shaped nail with neutral, semi-transparent base. The classic French white tip is a solid white band that travels down the nails right side, underneath this band is a slender, white line that travels down the nails left side.
  • Hand wearing Loami Nails design French Remix holding Loami Nails Press-on Manicure Kit tube packaging.
  • Close up of Loami Nails design French Remix on fingers.
  • Hand wearing Loami Nails French Remix design, wrapped around a green corduroy sleeve. In background, a bright green snake plant.
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Loami Nails

French Remix

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Whether you’re looking for quick and easy or indulging in some self-care, Loami Nails Press-on Manicure Kits are biodegradable, ethical, low-waste, and effortless, so a great manicure is as easy as pressing on confidence and ditching eco-guilt. 

Loami Nails are the world’s first landfill biodegradable artificial nail tip! The components of our nails act as food for microorganisms that live in landfills and allow them to digest plastic into loam, the organic material that makes up our soil. In other words… no micro-plastics!

The French Remix design is an almond shaped nail in a medium length. It features an elegant neutral base with the classic touch of white at the tip…with a remix! 

Key Features:

  • Length: Medium
  • Shape: Almond
  • Finish: Glossy
  • Opacity: Semi-transparent

In the Kit:

  • 24 Biodegradable Nails in 12 sizes
  • Nail Glue
  • Nail Multi-tool (file, buffer, & cuticle pusher)
  • Prep Wipe
  • Application & Removal Instructions